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Word Yatzy – Your Ultimate Word Challenge

If you're a word game enthusiast, get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with this game! This unique word puzzler combines the classic charm of Scrabble with the exhilarating gameplay of Yahtzee, resulting in an addictive brain-teaser that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, this game is the game for you.

How to win?

In this game, victory hinges on your ability to craft words from a set of random letters and strategically place them on the game board for maximum points. Here's how to play your way to victory:

Start with 7 Letters
Roll Your Letters
Leverage Tile Bonuses
Complete All 5 Slots
No Time Limit
Quick 5-Round Games

In a Nutshell

Mode: Online
No. of Players: Two players
Language: English
Age Group: 3+
Price: Free
Devices: Android and iOS
Download Link: Android and iOS


This game is a turn-based game designed for two players who compete to achieve the highest score. The rules are straightforward: craft words from your given letters, place them on the game board to maximize your score, and aim to complete all five slots for a substantial bonus. With no time constraints, you can strategize and outwit your opponent at your own tempo.

Scoring Pattern

Scoring in this game follows a simple pattern: the longer and more complex your words, the higher your score. Don't forget to capitalize on tile bonuses to skyrocket your points and aim for that coveted +100 bonus by filling all five slots.

How to Set Up the Game

Getting started with this game is a breeze. Simply download the game from your app store, install it, and you're ready to go. Challenge your friends or engage with fellow this game enthusiasts from around the world. With unlimited games and boards, the fun never ends.


We aim to keep the gameplay experience enjoyable with minimal ads. While there are ads in the game, they have been designed to be non-intrusive. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Tips from the Geeks

  • Master the Combos
  • Take Your Time
  • Expand Your Vocabulary
  • Community Engagement
  • Feedback is Valued