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Best Way to Play Word Home

Sometimes you may have had your fill with generic word games. It is time to move to a new game - Word Home. The game allows the gamers to decorate a dilapidated home with the stars they win in a word puzzle. The game will enable you to wear the hat of a designer while you use your word power to win puzzles.

Dream Word Games offers the game. They have developed and published several renowned word games. There are multiple word levels with increasing difficulty to test the depth of your vocabulary. You can win several rewards and make purchases to decorate the house.

In a Nutshell

Mode: Online
No. of Players: Single-Player 
Language: English
Age group: All
Price: Free
Devices: Available on Android Mobile, Tab
Download Link: Android

Objective of playing Word Home

The game needs a combination of design skills and word power to help the player excel. It can help in ensuring you are more communicative and organized. Given that you must design the house too, the player can be attentive, meticulous, and careful in designing the home. Gamers can use their word power to solve puzzles with increasing difficulty as they gain the necessary stars and use them to decorate the house. It helps to enhance strategic decision-making that can work wonders in your life.

How to Set-Up Word Home?

You must visit Google Play Store to download the game. Once downloaded on your smartphone, click on the icon to start the game. You can sign in with Facebook to sync the game with your account. The game can be shared with friends over Bluetooth, email, messages, and WhatsApp.

You can turn the sound and music on / off at the Settings menu. The status for receiving notifications can be changed too. Also, go through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can add your Facebook friends to the game app. Players can also connect with the game developers over email. The game can be directly rated on Play Store also.

Rules of Word Home

The game starts with a narration about a wannabe designer looking forward to decorating her ancestral home. You can win stars by solving puzzles to decorate the house.

One part of the game is a word puzzle. You must connect the letters provided to fill the blocks with the words created. If you make a new word, you are rewarded. The puzzle is finished once you find out all the words formed from the letters provided. At specific levels, you are offered additional gifts. You can take the help of hints or shuffle the letters to suggest the words correctly.

You can use the stars gained at the puzzle game to decorate the house. On finishing the preset number of tasks, you win additional gifts.


Gamers must finish the puzzles as they move up the levels. The difficulty rises too. You win level challenges at specific points in the game. These special gifts can be exchanged for hints in the puzzle game. A dictionary provides the meaning of the words you create. You can also roll the daily spin to win more gifts.

You gain experience at the puzzle game in the form of stars. These stars can help you carry out activities at home to win more gifts.


Can I decorate multiple rooms?

Yes, the gamers can decorate different rooms as they progress. Players can decorate the bedroom, kitchen, nursery, bathroom, etc.

Does the game have in-app ads?

Yes, the game has in-app ads. You can remove them by paying an amount of ₹370 through the app.

Does the game allow in-app purchases?

Yes, you can make in-app purchases that can be used as hints for the puzzle or decorating the house.

Tips from the Geeks

Strategize well as you must decorate the house too with stars gained from the word puzzle.