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How do You Win Cryptogram

Cryptogram – Puzzle Quotes is a game based on solving cryptograms. Solving cryptograms is one of the most popular word games. A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a little piece of encrypted text. The text is encrypted in a small substitution of letters and it is simple enough to let the players solve the cryptogram. The game has over 1500 levels that contain thousands of handpicked crypto-quotes and crypto-quizzes. These quizzes can be fun brain-teasers that might quickly leave the players wanting to throw their pencils against the wall. It can be played anywhere at any time, even without an internet connection. So, It will be a perfect game that you can enjoy playing even in your free time.

In a Nutshell

Mode: Online, Offline
No. of Players: Single-Player
Language: English
Age group: All
Price: Free
Devices: Available on Android Mobile, Tab, Laptops & Desktops
Download Link: Android

Objective of playing Cryptogram

The main objective of this Cryptogram is to challenge the players to work their brains out and find the undiscovered letters of some amazing quotes. So, if you are up for the challenge, then download this game and get ready to find the challenging quotes.

How to Set-Up Cryptogram?

  • For Android devices, you can download the Cryptogram app from the Google PlayStore.

  • For laptops and desktops, you can download the app from APK on Windows. You can find all the downloading information there.

The players can sign in to Google Play Games to save their progress and compare their leaderboards and achievements with other gamers around the world.

Rules of Cryptogram

In this game, some letters of the actual words of the quotes are switched with different letters. All occurrences of a particular letter are substituted with the same letter from the cipher or code. However, the substituted letter might not be used in the puzzle. So, the players need to work their brain cells out to solve the puzzles and find the actual quotes. Also, the game has some Hint options that they can find if they click on the Bulb button. They will have options like “Reveal a letter”, “Reveal mistakes”, “How to play”, and “Gameplay tips”. They can use these options when they get stuck in the game. Using the “Reveal a letter” and “Reveal mistakes” options will reduce their score. Clicking on the “How to play” option, the players can find a game tutorial and use the strategy to play the game. The “Gameplay tips” option offers some simple yet amazing tips to develop their strategy and proceed in the game.


In this game, the score is a percentage. So, 100% is the best score which the players only get for a perfect solution. Here, the score that the players earn depends on their performance and puzzle-solving skills. To be more specific, the amount of time they take to solve the puzzle is an important factor that determines their score. For revealing the mistakes, their score will be reduced by 25% each time. Likewise, they will lose 17% of the total score each time they use the “Reveal a letter” option. Each of the score reductions will be done separately. So, the players need to be very careful while using them.


How to use the “Reveal a letter” option?

To use the “Reveal a letter” option, they need to select which letter they want to unveil first and then click on the option.

What happens when I use the “Reveal mistakes” option?

You can use the “Reveal mistakes” option to find out your mistakes but remember that it will affect your score.

Tips from the Geeks

Try not to take more than 2 minutes to solve one level. Otherwise, your score will be affected.