Best Way to Play Word Home

Word Home Game

Sometimes you may have had your fill with generic word games. It is time to move to a new game – Word Home. The game allows the gamers to decorate a dilapidated home with the stars they win in a word puzzle. The game will enable you to wear the hat of a designer while …

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Step-by-Step Guide for Playing Word Sauce

Word Sauce Game

Word Sauce is a simple but intriguing game that will keep players engrossed. Several loyal gamers have been playing the games for years. It has seen more than a million downloads and is ideal to de-stress yourself. There is no need to think that the game is only for nerds! You must be at your …

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Best Way to Play Alice’s Restaurant

Alice's Restaurant Game

Alice’s Restaurant is a single-player word game, with a unique twist. The game boasts of an interactive story mode, allowing players to engage their minds into witty puzzles while integrating the gameplay mechanics with a larger storyline. The story revolves around a girl named Alice whose parents suddenly inform her that their family restaurant would …

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The Best Way to play Word Villas

Word Villas Game

Are you bored by playing the same word games with only puzzles or crosswords? If yes, Word Villas is a welcome change. The game was developed by Betta Games. They have created games that have registered more than 500 million users globally across 100 countries.The game is a combination of crosswords and home decoration. You …

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