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Conquer the Quiz: Mastering Brain Blitz Trivia!

With its blend of engaging questions, strategic gameplay, and competitive leader boards Brain Blitz Trivia brings an exhilarating twist to the traditional quiz game, it's perfect for trivia enthusiasts looking to test their mettle. Each level is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, earn stars, and rise through the ranks. So why wait? Download this game today, challenge your intellect, and see if you have what it takes to become a trivia master!

How to win?

In this game, victory is a blend of knowledge, speed, and strategy. The game consists of multiple levels, each containing five thought-provoking questions from a chosen category. Players aim to answer these questions as accurately and quickly as possible to earn stars. These stars are crucial, as they determine your position on the weekly leader board. Accumulate enough stars, and you will rise through the ranks, unlocking new challenges and rewards. The ultimate goal is to prove your knowledge and become the top player on the leader board.

In a Nutshell

Mode: Online
No. of Players: 1
Language: English
Age Group: 3+
Price: Free
Devices: Android
Download Link: Android


This game is designed to be accessible yet challenging for players of all ages and skill levels. At the start of each game, you select a category that interests you from a wide variety of options. Each level presents five questions from the chosen category. Answering quickly and correctly earns you more stars, while incorrect answers or delays result in fewer stars. 

Scoring Pattern

Earning stars in this game is based on two key factors: speed and accuracy. Each correct answer awards a base number of points, which increases the faster you answer. This encourages quick thinking and a strong recall of knowledge. Stars are the currency of progress in the game – the more stars you earn, the higher you climb on the leader board. 

How to Set Up the Game

Setting up this game is straightforward and user-friendly. Begin by downloading the game from the Google Play Store. Once installed, launch the game and create your profile. You'll be prompted to select your preferred categories from the wide range available. Familiarize yourself with the game’s interface, which is designed to be intuitive and elegant, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. 


 Yes, you can rearrange categories using the in-game currency, allowing you to select different topics.

Tips from the Geeks

  • Master Your Categories
  • Speed is Key
  • Use In-Game Currency Wisely
  • Stay Updated
  • Engage in Friendly Competition
  • Regular Practice